Discovery: Arrtx at the 118th China Stationery Fair

Hi,every art-lovers! We are excited to share the latest brand news that we have participated in the 118th China Stationery Fair, a premier event for art and stationery enthusiasts. Arrtx displayed a range of art supplies and launched new products at CSF 2024, hoping to attract more attention at this exhibition. Continue browsing this article to learn more about the exhibition!

About CSF:

The 118th CSF in 2024 will be held on June 13-15 at the Shanghai New International Expo Center , Held by Asia Pacific's Leading Trade Platform for Cultural and Office Supplies which born in 1953. China Stationery Fair (CSF) is an evergreen in the industry, which is not only the focus of the domestic cultural and office supplies industry, but also an important window for global cultural and office supplies enterprises to enter the domestic market. The 118th China Stationery fair brings together leading brands, artists, educators, and hobbyists from around the globe to explore the latest trends and innovations in the world of art supplies.

Quick View of Arrtx Brand Event in CSF 2024

Showcasing Our Collections

At our booth, visitors will see our wide range of art supplies, including our new 60 colors acrylic marker set and 48 colors acrylic marker set with a multi-function valve design. These sets are carefully designed to meet the needs of beginners and professional artists, offering a wide range of colors and high-quality drawing materials.

Special Offers for Visitors

We have prepared exciting activities such as check-in in our booth, paint fan DIY project, etc. Visitors can participate in our multiple activities to win samples of our latest products, ensuring that you leave with more than just inspiration.

Every day, a large number of visitors come to the check-in area to receive limited-edition sample packs of painting materials, and everyone experiences the use of different painting materials on our booth.

The event is also live-stream online, attracting a large number of painting enthusiasts to participate and watch our activity on social media platforms.

Highlights of Arrtx Booth

Live demonstration: talented young artist  "@画画的老张和面包" (IG: @zhang.bread_art )," came to the Arrtx booth and completed a huge Shanghai city scene with acrylic markers under the theme of "Dialogue between the Past and the Present", becoming the focus of the fair. Popular artist "@川川的画" made a friendly appearance and participated in the creation, presenting Arrtx with a traditional lion dance hand-painted work. Well-known painting artist"@胡你个萝卜HYY" was on site to lead the audience to experience - hand-painted paper fans with markers.

The artists demonstrated the versatility and vitality of our markers live, and watched them create amazing artworks, seamlessly blending colors and making full use of our multi-purpose markers.

Innovation and Quality


We are proud of the quality and innovation of our products. Our acrylic markers have dual tips - 1.9 mm fine tips for precise detail depiction and 3.2 mm brush nibs for wider brushstrokes. This design has unparalleled versatility, allowing artists to easily switch between fine works and expressive brushstrokes. Our commitment to excellence doesn't stop at product design. We use premium, non-toxic materials to ensure safety and durability, making our products perfect for artists of all ages and skill levels.

Arrtx with Customers | Art Connects Every Art-Lovers ♥♥

Thank you all the visitors and artists for sharing and making the Arts Event a success!

See you at next time! Welcome everyone visit our booth at next exhibition!