Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set
Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set

Arrtx 64 Colors Acrylic Paint Markers Dual Tip Paint Pen Set

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🍧 64 Bright Colors & Dual Tip
🍧 3.2 mm Brush Tip & 1.9 mm Fine Tip
🍧 Quick Dry & High Coverage
🍧 Work well on Multi Surfaces
🍧 Open Cap and Use Directly
🍧 Non-toxic Water-based Ink

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    🍧 64 Vibrant Colors Acrylic Paint Pens - This set contain 64 bright colors, ideal for making Crafts for Adults. A perfect choice to design your scrapbook, bullet journal, planner, Christmas card, birthday gifts, greeting card, o decorating everyday household stuff.

    🍧 Dual-Tip Acrylic Paint Markers - Each acrylic maker pen has two types of tips, 3.2mm brush tip nibs are ideal for creating medium or bold strokes, and 1.9mm fine tip nibs make pens ideal for detailed drawing work.

    🍧 Quik Dry and Waterproof - The highly pigmented paint is high covering, water-resistant, and abrasion proof allowing the application to any surface. Arrtx acrylic paint pens are water-based ink. These paint markers flow without flooding or jamming, it's permanent when dry. Note: Please tighten the cap and put pens horizontally if you don't use them.

    🍧 Easy to Apply, No Pressing Down,No Shaking - With new design, these pens are very easy to apply and no need to shake and press for tips while using, you only need to open the cap to use pen.Round pen body made it comfortable to grip.

    🍧 Safe and Non-toxic Ink- Arrtx drawing markers set adopts water-based environmental protection pigment ink, which is non-toxic, tasteless, waterproof, and high temperature resistant. With high-quality certificated ink makes these painting pens safe and suitable for both kids and adults for all kinds of DIY paintings.

    🍧 Work well on Multi Surfaces- this set provides water-based smooth ink for a variety of surfaces, including rock painting, metal, paper, wood, plastic, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, and more. Warmly tips: If you need to put your artwork outdoors or in water,it is washable, it is recommended to spray sealant after drying, which avoids being reactivated by water and smears.


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    1. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old.
    2. Please re-cap after use and store horizontally.
    3. Colors will show slight differences on different surfaces, please make your own color swatches as the standard.

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    Spot on New Paint Pen Set

    The 64 color acrylic marker set is a new version of our 24 colors set and 32 colors set. It continues the advantages of the previous color sets, and adds many popular colors. It is a new color set of our brand's hot-selling series.

    64 Basic and Bold Colors

    Featuring a wide spectrum of basic and bold colors, this set allows you to pick the ideal hues to complete your masterpieces. Whether you're aiming for subtle tones or vibrant bursts of color, you'll find everything you need to make your artwork truly stand out.

    Dual Tip For More Needs

    The 1.9 mm fine tip and 3.2 mm brush tip offer unparalleled versatility, making these markers the perfect choice for artists, designers, and hobbyists alike. With these dual tips, you can seamlessly transition from intricate details to broad strokes, ensuring your creative vision is fully realized in every piece you create.

    Perfect on Many Surfaces

    This acrylic marker set is designed with premium ink, you can start DIY projects on many common surfaces, such as glass, rock, canvas, wood, etc. It will never fade and is long-lasting and durable.

    Open Cap and Use Directly

    No need to shake or press, just open the lid and start creating your artwork quickly. It is easy to use, even for beginners, students, and children.

    Note: Please put the pen cap back on immediately after use and place the pen horizontally to keep the pen tip from drying out.