New Pastel Color Combination - Arrtx OROS 66 Pastel Color Markers

New Pastel Color Combination - Arrtx OROS 66 Pastel Color Markers

When creating a world of vibrant and dreamy artwork, having the right tools is essential! With their rich color range, alcohol-based ink, fiber dual tips, blending capability, 3g ink capability, and creative packaging, these markers bring new influence for all art lovers. Enter the Arrtx OROS 66 Pastel Color Markers world!

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64 Pastel Color + 1 White + 1 Black
It offers a fresh palette of 64 pastel colors, with 1 black and 1 white marker. Whether you're looking to create soft and delicate artwork or add details to your illustrations, this wide range of colors can meet all your needs.

Long-lasting Alcohol-based Ink
Filled with 3g of high-quality alcohol-based ink that provides stable and precise color effects. The excellent features dry out rapidly and do not easy to fade, keeping your artwork fresh and vibrant.

Fiber Brush Tip And Chisel Tip
OROS 66 is equipped with durable fiber dual tips which are 1 brush tip and 1 chisel tip. The brush tip can create thin strokes for smooth and detailed coloring and also achieve thick strokes to fill in large spaces.
The chisel tip can create calligraphic strokes, or quickly color in large areas.

Excellent Blending Capacity
Achieve better tonal gradations and smooth transitions with the Arrtx OROS 66 markers. It can allow for effortless blending, enabling you to create amazing gradients and abundant color effects in your artwork.

Creative And Portable Package
The creative design of the packaging is not only visually attractive but that has grids with 66 wells to keep the markers always stay tidy and organized, making them easy to carry wherever inspiration strikes. Additionally, it's reusable to be a vase, earrings holder and brooches holder, etc.

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  • Rena Bailey

    Are your alcohol markers refillable and do you have replacement nibs?

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