Arrtx Partners with American University to Support Art Education Programs

With the growing importance of art in education, Arrtx is partnering with and providing quality painting materials for the American Conference on Pre-Service Art Education, a regional conference that is critical to the art education of college students, focusing on the professional development of students in undergraduate art education programs.

The conference, hosted by the University of Miami Art Education Program, invited local and regional art education PK-12 licensing programs to collaborate on a professional development day for the pre-service art teacher community!

Arrtx Art Supplies is actively involved in supporting the University's Art Education Program by providing a wide variety of art supplies, including acrylic markers, colored pencils, and other art materials, in order to inspire students to draw and paint.

Commitment to Educational Support

Arrtx has always been committed to supporting art education, recognizing the importance of art in the overall development of students. We have partnered with American University to provide resources and support for arts education programs.

Providing Art Supplies

As a partner in the art education program-Preservice Art Education Conference in Miami University, Arrtx provides a variety of art supplies including acrylic paint pen sets, colored pencils, paints, etc. to help students fully utilize their creativity.

Sponsoring Art Education Projects

Arrtx actively sponsors student art projects, including exhibitions, competitions and research projects. Through these support measures, we hope to provide students with more opportunities to showcase and develop their art.

Arrtx with the Preservice Art Education Conference

Thank you @isabella.drawsss for sharing and making the Arts Education Conference a success!

Arrtx Art Supplies brand will continue to actively participate in and support various art education programs to provide a better learning and development environment for students. We firmly believe that through art education, students will be able to show more talent and creativity and make greater contributions to the future of art.