About Arrtx

Found in 2015 and affiliated with Shenzhen Arrtx Tech Co. Ltd., Arrtx is a comprehensive enterprise that concentrates on the research, manufacture, and sales of art supplies, dedicated to becoming a premiere original and fashion domestic art brand.

As the ancients said, "a craftsman must sharpen his tools to do his job." A better painting material empowers drawing lovers with better creativity and passion, making their daily painting handy. Therefore, our goal of generating perfect and exquisite products is what we pursued diligently. Our responsibility is to work with ingenuity. And our mission is to foster a craftsmanship spirit of striving for the best.

Equipped with leading class design and product management teams, Arrtx has been cultivated as an art supplier for several years with the spirit of craftsmanship. It actively explores constant development and innovation to provide more and more art lovers with high-qualified and cost-effective art supplies. 

Since Arrtx's establishment, as one of the many overseas brands in China, it has become a partner of many famous art supplies distributors and retailers at home and abroad in just a few years. In many countries and regions, we have independent warehouse sales channels and loyal users in many overseas regions.
Among them, the popular product Marker is popular among art lovers for its high-quality product quality and creative and practical appearance design. In July 2021, for the first time, it cooperated with Spanish artist AlbaBG on the first artist-co-branded marker set, which caused a wave of enthusiasm on various overseas social media.