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Arrtx 10 Colors Jumbo Acrylic Markers (15mm Broad Tips)

Arrtx 10 Colors Jumbo Acrylic Markers (15mm Broad Tips)

  • Colors range: 10 universal and vibrant colors
  • Color effect: high covering, high adhesion, not easy to layer
  • Water-based ink: smoothness, not easy to smudge or fade
  • 15mm felt tip: extra wide lines suit large areas of coloring
  • Using method: shake well before use let the paint down
  • Recommended uses: work well on multi-surfaces
  • Water Resistance level: water-resistant when dry, abrasion-proof


1. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old.
2. Please close the cap before shaking the marker.
3. Please re-cap after use and store horizontally.
4. Colors will show slight differences on different surfaces, please make your own color swatches as the standard.

Why Choose Arrtx Acrylic Paint Marker Pens?

  • Great Color Option: 12 vibrant colors including White, Black, 5 Pastel colors, and 5 Fluorescent colors.
  • Great Color Effect: available in high-covering, high adhesion, not easy-to-layer features.
  • 15mm Felt Tip Markers: available in 3 line widths, wide lines, fine lines, and bold lines that provide extra wide and highly visible lines.
  • Premium Water-based Ink: the acrylic markers were filled in high-quality opaque water-based ink with odorless and acid-free.
  • Shake Well Before Use: shake the marker well several times before use, and press the tip to let the paint fill up the tip then start the art.
  • Work Well on Different Surfaces: Arrtx acrylic markers can provide smooth ink and excellent coverage on paper, rock painting, metal, paper, wood, plastic, canvas, fabrics, ceramics, and more.
  • Water Resistance level: water-resistant when dry, available in abrasion-proof and permanent features.
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Arrtx 10 Colors 15mm Acrylic Jumbo Markers, Permanent When Dry, Odorless, Acid-Free