Arrtx 15mm Acrylic Jumbo Marker is HERE!!! 💡 Unleash Creativity on a Whole New Scale!

Arrtx 15mm Acrylic Jumbo Marker is HERE!!! 💡 Unleash Creativity on a Whole New Scale!

Ready to conquer those big coloring projects? Look no further! The Arrtx 15mm Acrylic Jumbo Marker is AVAILABLE NOW and it's here to revolutionize your creative process! Featuring an impressive 15mm wide tip, this marker can cover as much area as three regular markers combined. Say goodbye to time-consuming coloring and embrace smoother, cleaner masterpieces.

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10 Brilliant Hues for Captivating Creations

Presenting a stunning array of 10 vibrant colors, our Jumbo Acrylic Paint Markers infuse life into your creations. Every stroke is a burst of color, transforming your visions into vivid realities. The highly pigmented paint provides exceptional coverage, is water-resistant, and resists abrasion, making it suitable for nearly any surface.  

15mm Jumbo Felt Tip - Fulfilling All Your Drawing Needs

Boasting a 3-in-1 large nib design, the 15mm Jumbo Felt Tip of these markers empowers you to craft wide lines, bold strokes, and fine details with a single tool. No matter the intricacy of your design, this jumbo tip marker delivers.

Safe for All – Water-resistant, Odorless, and Non-Toxic

Formulated with water-based ink, our broad acrylic markers offer a clean, odorless experience. The ink dries quickly, preventing smudging and fading, while also being water-resistant once dry. This durability ensures your masterpiece retains its brilliance over time. Crafted with certified high-quality ink, these markers are safe for artists of all ages, making them perfect for family-friendly DIY projects and creative sessions, such as halloween decorations.

Versatility Across Surfaces

These jumbo markers don't just mark surfaces; they breathe life into them. The Arrtx drawing markers set excels across diverse surfaces. Their water resistance, excellent coverage, and eye-catching extra-wide lines make them ideal for rock, metal, paper, wood, plastic, canvas, fabric, ceramics, and more – even in damp or oily conditions. The creative possibilities are boundless.

Seamless Start, Smooth Flow

Using Arrtx acrylic paint pens is effortless. A simple shake followed by a gentle press on paper or card, and you're ready to create. No complicated setups, just pure artistic joy waiting to be expressed.


The Perfect Gift for Every Occasion

Packaged in a uniquely designed two-tier box, Arrtx jumbo paint markers aren't just tools; they're thoughtful gifts for art enthusiasts. Non-toxic and safe, they're perfect for kids, students, artists, and adults alike. Whether for Christmas, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Mother's Day, or any surprise, these markers bring smiles and ignite creativity.

Imagine the possibilities with this jumbo marker in your hands! Try them today and dive into a world of creativity where colors know no boundaries and surfaces become canvases!

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