Brand Story

Arrtx was founded in 2015, we insist on creating new products with original designs, starting from paint pens, markers, colored pencils, pastels, and gouache art accessories.

Our team has rich experience in art products, with high quality, arrtx paint pens that are popular among many artists, art students, comic painters...

Now arrtx products have been sold to many countries around the world and have been well received by customers.We are willing to connect with you to add more colors to the world and become a world-class art supply company.

Our Products

Our product range includes acrylic markers, alcohol-based markers, drawing pencils, soft pastels & oil pastels, gouache, and drawing accessories to help you express your artistic ideas with our creative product.

Arrtx markers work great for smooth, clean coloring on multiple surfaces, making them perfect for drawing, doodling, decorating, DIY coloring and more.

Arrtx Professional Colored Pencils for beginners and Artists, Soft Core Smooth Blend with Vibrant Colors for Drawing, Shading. pastels provide wide range colors for artists with premium quality pigments that can be used for excellent art work.

High-quality gouache paint with color blends perfectly with contrast and brightness, a beautiful and practical color choice, the best choice for daily art making.

Collaborate with Artists

In 2021, we released a marker pens set co-branded with Spanish artist AlbaBG. The new product was loved by many fans on social media networks, which was a huge surprise.

In 2019, Arrtx participated in the "Relaxxx Art" graffiti event. Our markers were used in this event and showed good results on the artwork, leaving a deep impression on the art people who participated in the event.You can get inspiration from our products and the artistic co-branding of our many artists, follow our blog and social media accounts to discover more artistic design ideas.

Collaborate with Users

In 2021, we held a fan meeting in South America, which was a good day to share artwork-making ideas by using our products. We discuss the using feelings of our fans and come up with many new and innovative design ideas.

In 2022, we participated in an art exhibition in South Korea, and our products got more exposure, opened up the market, and gained more users.

We still believe that designing new products should inspire more creativity from users and provide more useful and efficient artistic products to meet users' needs.

Art Makers

Drawing Pencils

Oil Pastels

Soft Pastels

Drawing Papers