New Product Alert: Arrtx Simptap 24 Colors Acrylic Markers

New Product Alert: Arrtx Simptap 24 Colors Acrylic Markers


Have you ever met the problem of using a marker brush tip with a valve that the brush tip is not durable after being pressed a few times and is a waste of money? The new product of arrtx just solves this problem. We worked hard on designing this product and it just launched. Continue browsing to learn more about this product.


Check the video to get full view of our new Simptap Acrylic Paint Pens.


#1. Why should you buy this new product?

1. Top valve action design
2. 1-6 mm nylon brush tip
3. 24 bright colors with strong coverage
4. Stable ink flow, 4g large capacity ink
5. Suitable for various surfaces


#2. New product features


1. Exclusive Design: top valve action to make the brush tip durable

Differing from the traditional front valve acrylic marker, the Arrtx acrylic marker adopts the back valve to press the ink out, Simply press the top button, no need press pen nib to avoid wear and tear, and better protect the nib and window pen body design can directly see the ink output status, the water-based ink will continue to flow and supplement the tip.



2. 1-6 mm Nylon Brush Tip:soft and flexible variable line width

This brush tip make it easy to draw the details with variable line width, up to 6 mm. Made by nylon soft tip, you will immerse yourself in the ultimate painting creation.


3. 24 Colors Range & Wonderful Color Effect

24 vibrant colors including all the primary colors, once get it, you can use them to cover all your artwork. 

With a strong coverage, and high permanent, what’s more, the color can long lasting and waterproof, never fade and never abrasion.




4. Premium Ink Quality: stable ink flow, and large-capacity ink

Unlike other small-capacity ink, this paint pen has up to 4g lager-capacity ink, and has a visual window pen body. This water-based ink,which is quick dry and no-toxic, high-quality certificated ink makes these painting pens safe.



5. Recommended Uses: enjoy creating art works on multiple- surfaces

You can easily create your artworks on almost any surface with acrylic pens for rock painting, stone, wood, paper, glass,metal, plastic, ceramic, fabric, Easter eggs, decoration, metal, Christmas ornament, Halloween pumpkin painting, calligraphy, scrapbook, brush lettering, Christmas card, birthday gifts, greeting card, canvas and more.




#3. 🔔Notice (Must Read):

In order to create a better painting experience, you need to pay attention to the following precautions when using the top valve marker for the first time.



⚡1. Product usage tutorial (Must Read)

Before using for the first time, shake the ink fully and evenly, with the nib pointing down, press the top valve 4-5 times, observe the ink sinking state of the nib through the windowed body, if you need to speed up the ink sinking, you can cover the cap, shake the acrylic marker, the ink submerged nib, and then you can draw.

Pls note: The second time use it, basically press it once and the ink will be meet your needs, no need to press it frequently.

▶ Check out the video to active the new paint pens ⬇

⚡ Precautions 1:

Do not over-press the top valve to release ink.

Customers can press according to their own needs. If the last time the pen was pressed too much to release ink, and subsequent use of the shaking pen will cause ink leakage and ink splashing when the pen cap is opened, you can wipe it clean with a paper towel and continue to use it normally;


⚡ Precautions 2:

When the valve discharges too much ink after over-pressing, the ink remains in the pen cap. Next time you open it for use, you will find a dry ink film on the outside of the pen barrel. You can wipe it off with a tissue.


⚡ Precautions 3:

Some colors may have uneven white spots when first applied. This is mainly caused by uneven ink on the nib when first used. Shake it thoroughly and evenly, then draw out the uneven colors on the paper before painting.


⚡ Precautions 4:

If it is left for a period of time, do I still need to press it multiple times when using it for the second time?

When the pen tip is wet, you don’t need to press the valve and can be used directly. If you feel that the pen tip is not moist enough, it is recommended to press it once. Since the valve discharges ink quickly, a one-time press can meet the demand.


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