💙 Say hello to 60-Color Acrylic Marker Set: Your Ultimate Creative Companion 💗

Hello all the art lovers, we have just released two 60 color acrylic marker sets, the regular color set and the anime color set. Including all the trending colors, regular colors and ready for your spring canvas, drawing your everything Easter with our new acrylic paint pens. Use these 120 colors to draw your inner world. Are you ready to take your artwork to the next level? Just check the details of our brand new paint pens.  

💙 Brand New
Arrtx 60 Regular Colors + Pen Box

Artist Grade 60 Regular Colors, Ignite imagination & meet all creations

💗 Brand New
Arrtx 60 Anime Colors+ Pen Box

Artist Grade 60 Anime Colors, Express The Vivid Possibilities Of Art

💙 Arrtx New 60 Color Marker Set 💗

New & Trending Colors for your Spring Canvas, See What's New

Easy to Use & Store

❀ No shaking required – simply open & start drawing

❀ Store the pens in the base for quick access

1-6mm Nylon Brush Tip

❀ Soft tip and flexible variable line width

❀ High adhesion and excellent coverage

Premium Ink Quality

❀ Smooth ink flow, quick dry, no color layering

❀ Non-toxic & safe, tasteless and waterproof

Artist Grade 60 Regular Colors-60A Set

❀ Ignite imagination & meet all creations with 50 regular color, 4 metalic color, 6 neon color

Artist Grade 60 Anime Colors-60B Set

❀ 60 wonderful anime color to express the vivid possibilities of art

Excellent Performance

❀ Suitable for a variety of DIY crafts projects & most surfaces such as paper, stone and so on.

💙 Let your imagination run wild 💗

Dive into the world of art and unleash your inner creativity with every stroke of the brush. Get these two acrylic sets quickly! You can use brush tip to draw in detailed, and coloring the big area with the flexible brush nib.

A selection of 60 vibrant colors per set gives you endless possibilities to explore and express your artistic vision. Share your feelings on social media about the new products in the comment area and let us see how much you like our new products. ♥♥♥