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Arrtx 72 Colored Pencils

Arrtx 72 Colored Pencils

 72 vibrant and intense colors

 Colored Pencils for Adult Coloring

 Extraordinary dynamic blending

 Thick, durable leads resist breaking

 Protective Vertical Insert Box Organizer

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What makes Arrtx Premium Colored Pencils the perfect choice for adult coloring books?

  • 1. Having a rich pigment content will ensure a smooth coloring of colors.
  • 2. available in a wide variety of colors, blendable, and has a wide range of colors selection for beginners to start with.
  • 3. Those quality colored pencils for adults coloring have a sturdy wax-based core, which glides smoothly on the paper.
  • Layering and Blending on Paper Easily

    Those coloring pencils with a durable and softer core, and buttery texture which makes them ideal for blending, layering and shading. The colors will lay down smoothly on the drawing surface and provide great coverage with less effort.

  • Enjoy Smooth Texture and Vibrant Results

    The Arrtx premium colored pencils contain a high concentration of high-quality pigment contents making the colors richer and more vibrant. They blend well with a buttery application and deliver richer hues and more vibrant, ideal choices for drawing, coloring, journaling, and doodling.

  • Wide Range of Colors to Choose From

    A wide range of 72 assorted colors helps you achieve better tonal gradation with your blending, creating a nice smooth transition. You can blend and layer Arrtx colored pencils well and apply the color without too much pressure because of the buttery smooth consistency.

Smooth Buttery Blending and Even Color Laydown for Superior Blending and Shading