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Arrtx ALP 80 Colors Alcohol Markers

Arrtx ALP 80 Colors Alcohol Markers

  • Colors range: 78 vibrant colors + 1 black + 1 white
  • Alcohol-based Ink: dry out rapidly, and not easy to fade
  • Fiber dual tips: durable, 1 fine tip and 1 chisel tip
  • Blending capability: tonal gradation, smooth transition
  • Long-lasting Use: 3g capacity, stable and precise
  • Package type: creative design, portable, reusable


  1. This product is not suitable for children under 3 years old.
  2. Please re-cap after use and store horizontally.
  3. Colors will show slight differences on different surfaces, please make your own color swatches as the standard.

Why Choose Arrtx Alcohol Marker Pens?

Fun with a wide range of colors: 80 vibrant colors meet all your needs, including rendering, sketching, illustrating, design, coloring, etc.

Durable quality fiber dual tip markers: each marker is equipped with a chisel tip and a fine tip allowing you to create various styles, sketches, etc.

High-quality alcohol-based ink: its good blending capability to achieve better tonal gradation, creating a nice smooth transition, and also drying out rapidly without blotches or smudges.

Triangular cylindrical pen body design: more comfortable to hold anti-drop.

Reusable Portable Package Design: all of the alcohol-based markers are packaged in 80 wells to keep the markers always stay tidy and organized.

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Arrtx Alcohol Markers ALP 80 Colors for Coloring Illustration, Design, Comic