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Arrtx No.218 Sketchbook Of Mixed Media Pad

Arrtx No.218 Sketchbook Of Mixed Media Pad

  • Paper features: 240gsm, 7.09×7.09 inches, 36 sheets
  • Paper material: premium virgin wood pulp, acid-free
  • Flexible paper can be disassembled and used separately
  • The impermeable coating away of bleed and smudging
  • Thicker than ordinary material, delicate, smooth, and toughness
  • The strong and sturdy pad offers a strong supporting capability


1. All the paper is made of premium virgin wood pulp acid-free.
2. This paper pad is suitable for watercolor painting, acrylics, gouache, oil pastel, sketching, marker drawing, etc.

Why Choose Arrtx Sketchbook Mixed Media Pad?

1. Flexible detachable paper: It can be disassembled and used separately, which reduce the sense of weight when drawing or doing note. The paper is formed by a combination of strong threads and sticky glue, so it will be not easy to fall off naturally.
2. High-quality paper: This well-made paper is thicker than ordinary material. The tight paper bond enhances the toughness of the book when turning pages. Create wet paintings without worrying about paper warping or wrinkling.
3. Design For Many Mediums: The paper surface is ultra-smooth and plain. The back of it has an impermeable coating, which will keep the paper apart from bleeding, and smudging after coloring. Easy to achieve clean and tidy drawing, and coloring.

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Arrtx Sketchbook Mixed Media Pad for Watercolor painting, Acrylics, Gouache, Oil pastel, Sketching, Marker drawing